You belong to the world,step out of your box.We are put here to create all things good,we are put here to inspire,be free,be you!

Every morning before you get out of bed I want you to visualize everything that you are thankful for,never letting doubt or negative thoughts to seep in.

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Poor Nick Young !

Burglars struck his place and robbed him while he was playing for the LA Lakers!

Young came back to a broken home … a broken INTO home, that is! And now law enforcement is investigating the crime.

“I walked in and saw drawers open, clothes all over the floor. I know I didn’t leave my place like that,” Young said to the Los Angeles Times. “Then I looked at the window and it was broken. Glass all over the floor. That’s when I knew someone had gotten in there.”

He had $100, 000 worth of goods stolen from his home.

If stolen jewelry, clothes, luggage and Nike Air Yeezy shoes, valued at several thousand dollars a pair wasn’t irritating enough — although he’s a celebrity — he had hours before the police arrived!

“The police didn’t come until, like 4 or 5 [a.m.] I called them…

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It’s our time now,they’ve told us no for far too long,why not now?

Dreamer unite,plant it in the universe and watch that seed grow into something you never imagined.

As men we’ve gotten away from dressing for women,the focus has been baggy jeans,polo’s,and sneakers.Although there is nothing wrong with these things,there is a time for everything,stay clean my friends.Pic of suit is from Alfa Clothiers,look them up.


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Momoko, Youko Nemu, 3am Dangerous Zone manga

My father lost his job this past January, coincidentally while I was paying them a short visit. It did not come as a surprise to him and – although I wouldn’t put it past him to hesitate discussing his emotions with his daughter – he seems pretty happy about retiring for good, puttering around the house playing Myst or Riven for the 15th time or reading The Hunger Games.

One of the reasons he cited for being fairly happy was that he hadn’t liked how his workload had continued to increase in the latter part of his career. He had felt pressure to be on-call at hours outside of his scheduled work time, and had seen others’ personal lives slowly assimilate into their office lives until they were nearly one and the same. Specifically, he had seen this in his younger peers, and assumed that they would hire a…

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You block your blessings when you are mean to the person who is mean to you.Return a smile to them,maybe even a gift.


You are what you think,positive thinking promotes a positive future.


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